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Logo von Opus Arte FActum
Gemälde Roberto Ferri, Austellung "Obscura Luce"


 "object of art" in latin

Welcome, my friend and enter upon the cabinet of curiosities; Opus Arte Factum. If you're lucky, you might find something interesting for you here.

This small, but exzellent cabinet is home to the bizarre stories of mysterious happenings, historical figures and poets, such as Marie Antoinette, Poe or Caravaggio. You might also find theories about secret codes and messages hidden in art. 

some music while you're wandering here?

painting of the exhibition "Obscura Luce" from Roberto Ferri

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Why your historical idol might have been an asshole

Portrait Büste Frau Lineart
This article is not available in englisch yet, sorry.
I'm working hard to translate it as soon as possible 

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Logo von Opus Arte Factum
Vintage Schrift Background
Aufgeschlagenes Buch Lineart
Vintage Schrift Background
Goldener Schnitt Lineart

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Büste Mann Lineart
Ripped paper

"Vive la France!" - Les Miserables & die Französische Revolution

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